Spring Break, Summer, A Year Ago – #SOL March Challenge

In two more weeks it will be Spring Break.

After that, April, May and June will probably just fly by.

It seems that every week gets busier than the previous one. And, busier because there are school events (almost always worth the time) that seem to interrupt our classroom routines. Which makes me think that it is probably in the fall and early winter when most classrooms have what might be called a “more normal schedule”. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to focus on the curriculum demands – what I’m mandated to teach – earlier in the year so that it doesn’t feel like I’m rushing to teach it all right at the end.

Of course, if I think outside the box of traditional curriculum demands (which I try to do, despite institutional constraints), then I can say that the teaching and learning that I’ve done with my students this year has in some ways gone outside and beyond the curriculum, as it tends to do. And, if all we’re concerned about is covering the curriculum, then we’ve lost sight of the students we are teaching. I promised myself long ago I would never do that and if I had to choose curriculum over kids, the choice would be a no brainer. Of course, my students would come first.

I’m beginning to anticipate the end of the year.

The start of summer.

The uncertainty of a new school year looming ahead. A year ago I was a bit unsure where I would be and what I would be doing at this time. It seems crazy that was a year ago! It seems even crazier that summer is around the corner.

Still so much to do…

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March Slice of Life Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break, Summer, A Year Ago – #SOL March Challenge

  1. “to choose curriculum over kids” should never have to be a choice, but I get it. You’re right as as St. Paddy’s hit, it seems April, May & June speed by. Enjoy the Spring break.


    • Agreed! I just know that’s what some teachers do because of the pressures they feel to teach the way everybody else around them is teaching. Unless you work in a school with like-minded educators, most of the time we’re alone in our thinking about teaching and learning. Some people give in to the pressure because not to do so can be incredibly hard. And, so it bears repeating: kids over curriculum each and every time.


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