My Home Office

Perfect Home Office - Pexels

Somebody’s perfect home office

For most of my adult life I have been searching for the perfect home office.

I know that sounds crazy, but if you’re a writer or a teacher or a reader, or any combination thereof, you will understand.

Disclaimer: I also love office supplies.

So, the perfect home office.

You know the kind.

Lots of natural sunlight.

Several bookshelves, preferably built-in, for all my books.

A large desk to spread my notes, notebooks, sticky notes and such because I rarely get my work done in one sitting, at home or at school.

A comfortable chair.

Good artificial light for working at night.

Everything within reach.

Our new home office (we just moved at the end of March) has all that and more. Well, not the built-in bookshelves, but I’m OK without them.

My perfect home office. My desk is my little corner where projects are born and grow.

It’s big enough for both my husband and I to have separate work spaces and be close enough to each other so that it never gets lonely.

Although we still have some boxes lying around that are half-opened and I have bags of library books on the floor, it is a pleasant place to be.

I enjoyed spend time here this summer and it was cooler than the rest of the house.

Although it will be colder in the winter, a space heater can take care of that.

I never thought I would love my home office so much. Some of you may still be thinking that I’m crazy. But because we worked hard to make this space functional and comfortable, I have been able to get lots done that I’d been putting off for too long.

I love my home office.

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4 thoughts on “My Home Office

  1. Wow. Your office is so nice and your bookshelves are the bomb. I don’t have an office. I do have, however, a dining room table where I work. My bookshelves are wedged in the walkway next to my side of the bed. I love looking at the books before I go to sleep. Congrats on your space!

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    • Thanks Marilyn. I have also had office space similar to yours in the past, but since I take on a bunch of projects all the time, I really needed a space to spread out. To be honest. this is the first space like this I’ve ever had!

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