A Philosophical Rumination

One day, as you’re getting on with your life and everything seems great, everything could change.

It happens on TV and it happens in real life.

I think about the families crossing the border. Hoping for asylum. Thinking they are getting a fresh start on life. Then…separation…cages…despair.

I think about the thousands of refugees who braved an entire ocean, or more, in search of a better life and…never made it.

I think about young, black boys and men. Walking while black. Playing while black. Running while black. Their lives gone. Their families changed forever.

I think about young indigenous girls and women. Dead. An epidemic. Families and entire communities impacted forever. We don’t yet know in how many ways.

These are all life-changing events. I’ve experienced life-changing moments in my life, both positive and negative, as I’m sure many of you have as well. No one can claim to be worse off than anyone else. It’s really all relative. Yet, there they are. Those larger than life moments that mark our lives forever.

I’m trying to accept that no matter how much we prepare for difficult moments, they can sneak up on us. Without warning. Catching us as we try to get on with our lives. So, instead of worrying or imagining the worst case scenario, it’s better to let go and live as if.

As if tomorrow will bring pleasant surprises.

As if time with family and friends is the only thing that matters.

As if everyone is doing their very best even with constraints and limitations.

As if what we do in our lives matters.

As if everyone we come in contact with will be enriched by whatever we have to offer.

As if there’s no tomorrow


as if tomorrow is all there is.

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