What Went Well…What Didn’t Go Well..

What went well today in our classroom:

  • Children sharing in jigsaw groups what they have been learning about one of the six regions of Canada.
  • Children writing headlines (a visible thinking routine) to highlight something interesting or important about a region of Canada that someone else shared.
  • Conversations around division: does the larger number always appear first in a division problem? When a smaller number is divided by a larger number is the answer a negative number?
  • Using the pictures from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick to spark writing during our 5 minutes of silent writing.
  • Starting to set norms around more effective conversations in class: wait a few seconds after someone has spoken; say something before having your say.
  • Dictation of a simple Spanish poem: what sounds/words are my students hearing when they listen to Spanish? How are they translating that into writing?
  • Weekly status of the class preceded by 3 minutes of writing to these two prompts: I am at the part where…I’m thinking…
  • I’m spending less time giving instructions so kids can work.

What didn’t go well today in our classroom:

  • I’m having a hard time sticking to my time limits.
  • Because I have too many tabs open, it takes me a long time to find what I need when I need it.
  • I still talk too much.
  • I’m not consistent with guidelines for group discussions.
  • I could make better use of my prep time.

Plans for improving tomorrow:

  • Set a timer for mini lessons.
  • Do even more turn and talk.
  • Enforce guidelines for group discussions.
  • Push all my open tabs to One Tab.
  • Stay positive.

Cross posted to Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Tuesday.


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