My OLW: Badass

This is not the first time I’ve chosen one little word to guide my year, but this year is different.

Most years I struggle to come up with a word that feels right. In fact, most of the words I have chosen in the past were lies. I never felt them or embraced them fully. But since I didn’t want to miss out on the OLW pandemonium, I picked a word. Any word. I faked my way through the OLW craze, so that by the end of January I could claim amnesia. So many others who swore by their words in December were disavowing them in January that I didn’t feel alone. In fact, I felt part of the group.

But this year it’s different. This year I did not struggle to find my one little word. In fact, this year, I didn’t even consider a little word until it found me. I still can’t quite believe it. I’ve read how other people are seemingly chosen by their one little word rather than the other way around. I always thought they were the chosen ones. Blessed. Lucky. The opposite of whatever I was. 

Not this year.

This year my one little word is… 


Or is it a big word?

It may even be a word you’re not supposed to say in public.

But I’m going to use it to guide me in 2019 because this is my year to be a badass!

I will be a badass when I focus on my students and their needs, first.

I will be a badass when I ignore the naysayers first, last and always.

I will be a badass when I take a leap forward with the projects percolating in the back burner.

I will be a badass when I stop procrastinating and tackle important projects head on.  One at a time. 

I will be a badass when I confront my fears and insecurities like a warrior queen.

I will be a badass when I take myself seriously by embracing myself. Full of love.

I will be a badass when I stop making excuses for my badassery.

I will be a badass when I write from the heart and speak my mind with love, intention and a full on presence that says: I am here.

Let’s do this.

Crossposted to Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life.


8 thoughts on “My OLW: Badass

  1. Now I am completely and totally jealous – BADASS is a passion-filled OLW that I could feel as I read your slice! Way to go for choosing a word that represents you – no more faking it! Can’t wait to hear how BADASS guides you through your year! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love this! I didn’t know about the OLW until last year and didn’t understand the craze. I finally picked on in July! LOL. I think you found the trick….finding and embracing a word that totally represents what you want to be, and most probably already are – a strong and passionate person! Good luck on being a Badass! I cannot wait to hear more!

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