Permission to Pause – A Journal for Teachers

Recently I purchased a journal for teachers called Permission to Pause by Dorothy VanderJagt. To be honest, I hesitated to buy it at first. After all, can’t I just take a blank notebook and start journaling? Give myself my own permission to pause and reflect about whatever is on my mind? But I was intrigued that it was designed as a journal for teachers and after reviewing a couple of the pages, I was hooked.

A page from Permission to Pause

And, I’m not sorry I bought it though I paid less than what is currently advertised on Amazon. Nevertheless, I will purchase another volume when I fill up the pages of this one. Why? you ask. Because this journal has some thought provoking prompts and probes that really get me thinking. Instead of using my writer’s notebook to write a daily gratitude and random reflections, which could still be valuable, I can dig deeper by thinking about the questions the author poses. And, it’s all in one place. Because each day is different I don’t get bored; this was beginning to happen when I was using my notebook.

I like writing a daily gratitude, even though the author stresses that you can choose to journal every day or just a few times a week. And, she asks us to consider this: if I’m grateful for someone in my life, have I told them? Hmm. Rarely, which makes me realize that I need to do that!

When thinking if I’ve made a difference to others, especially students, I can also reflect on how I can continue to make a difference. By asking this question, the author helps me figure out how I can continue to do that; what is it that will help me influence students in the way they want and need to be influenced?

Teachers can browse and borrow from the Appendix – Take Action Ideas or create their own to become a more mindful educator. My take action idea for the last two days has been to sit outside and soak up some sun! It was wonderful!

So, did I already say I love my new teacher journal? LOL!

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3 thoughts on “Permission to Pause – A Journal for Teachers

  1. Terje says:

    Even with all our knowledge and experience it is good to have someone nudging our thinking.I am happy that this journal has helped you. Soaking up the sun is a perfect action step for a summer day.

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