We recently adopted a puppy. She is about a year old and is a German Shepherd mix. I knew she was for us the first time we met her.

I love dogs and I don’t like cats. (I just had to say that.) All of the dogs we’ve owned have been outdoor dogs. That was when we lived in Ecuador. Now we live in Canada and so Osa is an indoor dog.

I didn’t know how we would do with an indoor dog. I didn’t know how I would do with an indoor dog.

The feedings – I feed her in the mornings and let her roam around the yard.

The winter walks – my son is in charge of that, and he loves it.

Osa loves the snow!

All the hair around the house; chewing stuff that she shouldn’t be chewing; accidents and more. Well, all of that and the more too has been part of life with Osa during the past month.

What has been a revelation to me is that she seeks me out. She nudges me to play. She literally throws herself on her side so I can pet her. She locks her paws around my foot as if to say, “Stay. I want more.”

Life is good with Osa.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

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