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This month I am making small, medium and big shifts.

Shifting my tone of voice.

Speaking softly even when I’m about to lose it.

Shifting how I speak.

Slowing down my speech so that it fills me with deep breaths and not angry talk.

Shifting from assuming to listening.

Ask ingquestions instead of making statements, which may or may not be true.

Shifting my attitude.

Assuming good intent even though it my not seem that way. And, when it turns out it doesn’t, then it will be time to move on.

Shifting my focus.

Spending just the right amount of time on work, but leaving what didn’t get done for later; later will come soon enough.

Shift is my January word.

Evolve is my #OLW for 2021.

So many ways to shift in order to evolve.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. Great choice for your OLW! I love the actions you’ve chosen for your olw. I may have been out of my mind when I chose mine: magic. I was thinking about the definition of the word as a noun that says a special quality or ability. It’s going to take a special quality to effect the change the world needs.

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  2. Shift is a great word, because it implies a change to an action already in motion. It always helps to be able to take advantage of the inertia and energy that is already present (rather than starting from a stationary position).

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  3. I love this word simply because it suggests moment and motion. You aren’t simply staying pat, you are moving towards goals and that can never be a bad thing! 🙂 I especially love that idea of shifting focus. Creating the time for work, but not allowing work to dominate us ALL the time.

    Thank you for sharing with us today! 🙂

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