Enjoy Today – #SOL21 – March Challenge Day #3

Photo by San Engineer on Pexels.com

Today was a good day.

Today I connected with more kids.

Today I became known in our online class for certain things I say, like “newsflash”, “peeps”, and “Of course, I’m muted!”

Today we laughed.

Today we worked hard.

Yes, we worked hard in our online space.

Today I am tired.

But it’s a good tired.

Today I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Enjoy Today – #SOL21 – March Challenge Day #3

  1. I love how your students have picked up on your most used phrases. I have had students switch places with me and have noticed that I say certain phrases and make certain faces all the time! Great use of line breaks!

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    • And just today I was struggling with some tech issues and muttering under my breath while my mic was on – no swear words, though! – and the kids were laughing in the chat. It made the tech difficulties so much easier to bear. LOL!

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  2. mrssurridge says:

    Yay! It’s refreshing when those good days come. If you’re going to be tired, a good tired is the best kind. I’m hoping the same happens for you tomorrow.

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