Gifts – SOL21 Day #31

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Wow! I can’t believe today is the last day of this year’s Slice of Life Challenge.

I have sliced every day and commented on the posts of slicers.

My writing evolved in ways that I hadn’t anticipated.

My #OLW for 2021 is evolve.

Most of this month’s slices were about changing and growing.

My #OLW for February was create, which seeped into March because that seems to be my greatest challenge: to create.

And, as I write, I’m realizing that all of the stories I tell myself about who I am and what I am capable of will continue to stop me from doing the one thing we are all put on this Earth to do: create.

We are all creators of some kind or another. And, each of us needs to find our own special contribution and leverage that as lovingly as we can.

As I work on evolving this year into the best version of myself, what I create will bear testimony to who I am and the gifts I bring to the world.

My sincerest hope for all of us, as we move forward into Pandemic Year #2, is that we uncover our special gifts and unleash them onto the world.

Who’s with me?

Source: Two Writing Teachers

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17 thoughts on “Gifts – SOL21 Day #31

  1. I loved how this final pieces sort of twined around, hinged on your specific words for the months encompassing this challenge. Very skillful, very clever. Thank you for giving me one more really well crafted slices to read before the year is up. Congrats!

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  2. Jackie Higgins says:

    This line gave me so much to think about “As I work on evolving this year into the best version of myself, what I create will bear testimony to who I am and the gifts I bring to the world.” I could really linger with this thought, thinking about what I’ve created, what I’ve written does it truly share my heart, the person I want to be, the person I’m becoming? This statement can really be a reflective question. I love it!

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  3. You finished the month strong and you finished this post strong. I love your wish for all of us as we enter Pandemic Year #2. You are such a generous writer, learner, and teacher. I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to get to know you and hope to meet you someday.

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    • Thank you! I feel so blessed to be part of this community. To share my writing and to share in the lives of others. Wouldn’t it be great to meet everyone in this community in person? As my granddaughter says, “One day…”


  4. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I am with you!! Congratulations on your 31 posts! It has been a joy to write along with you this month. And thank you again for your words tonight – that really meant a lot to me!

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  5. Payanar says:

    This is such a great reflection! I need to examine the stories I tell myself too. I hope that the next year really brings you opportunities to evolve.

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  6. mrssurridge says:

    Congratulations for creating so many slices in a row. I enjoyed your thoughts each day and I hope you are able to continue to evolve and create!

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