Snippet – #5

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Yesterday I started to panic a little bit.

It feels like the summer is going by way too fast!

And, I haven’t read or done half of the things I had intended to do.

Today I’m less anxious. But only just a little bit less. 🙂

Last week I wrote about reading.

This week I’d like to focus on writing.

Not that I have nothing more to say about reading instruction or assessment, or that reading and writing aren’t related, but I have written what I wanted to write about reading for now.

(Full disclosure: I have been thinking about doing a literacy workshop rather than separate reading and writing workshops, but I need to do a lot more thinking and reading about that before I can blog about it. If you’ve done this in your classroom, I hope you will share in the comments.)


I am excited about returning to writing workshop this year. During the first couple of weeks I plan to get to know my grade 3’s as writers.

It will be an opportunity to expose them to the idea of workshop and what it means. I always find it’s easier for kids to adjust to a reading workshop format, but it’s more challenging to acclimate them to writing workshop.

I plan to establish routines, such as mini lessons, silent writing, quick writes, conferences and author’s chair.

What are you looking forward to doing in your writing workshop? What is something new that you will try? How will you combine reading and writing?

Leave a comment below.

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