Taking Time to Create

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I have a little more than three weeks left of summer vacation before I go back to school.

Normally I would be spending most of my summer in a combination of paid and unpaid professional learning activities.

Although I had a few opportunities lined up that I was contemplating engaging in this summer, I quickly realized they weren’t going to happen.

I am too busy enjoying time with family and I’m not ready to dive into anything work-related.

I am realizing that nothing earth shattering will happen if I don’t attend the latest workshop or series of sessions that promise to make me a better _____________ (you can fill in the blank) teacher.

Instead, I’m learning that I’m better off using any down time I have this summer to read and write. To spend time creating rather than consuming. Not that consuming is a bad thing. I love to read what other people are creating, but it’s also important for me to create.

Yesterday I was inspired by a children’s author who recently published her first book. She is in her early ‘70’s. My hat’s off to her.

See here for Gloria Amescua’s heartwarming story. I mention this because I often feel like I’m too late to the party. Or too old. Or everybody has already said what I might want to say. And while I know that this is all related to a very well-heeled sense of imposter syndrome, it’s encouraging to see examples that can feed my soul.

So, this summer is just fine as it is.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

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