Reflections from a Teacher-Writer

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As part of #TeachWritetober, @laffinteach shared the following writing spark: create a list of all the things that you’ve learned about teaching writing from being a writer yourself.

Here’s my list (at the moment).

–Be patient with yourself; it takes time to get your writing to sound just right. Not perfect, but just right.

–When you write on a regular basis, you will be able to find ideas that matter to you.

–Some days you may draw a blank and not have anything to write about; that’s OK. On those days, read what you’ve already written or do something else. Remember that life provides experiences to nourish your writing.

–The first draft is probably not going to be very good. Write it anyway because writing something is better than not writing anything.

–Writing is really about revising.

–Writing is thinking. I never know where my writing is going to end up. What I do know is that the act of writing takes me where I need to go.

–Writing can be scary. Write anyway.

–You are the primary audience for your writing. If you find yourself writing for someone else first, then stop writing.

–Writing is joyful. If it becomes a chore, then take a break. Do something else before returning to your writing.

–Writers must also be readers. Read the kind of writing that you want to write; it will strengthen your own writing.

–Writing is therapeutic.

–It takes time to develop a writing habit.

–Challenges or sparks sometimes help keep your writing going. Use them on those days when you feel stuck.

–A community of writers is the BOMB! It keeps you going. It supports you. It makes you laugh. It will get you through the hard, and sometimes, lonely days of writing. It is therapeutic.

–Honest feedback from people you trust helps you become a better writer.

–It’s not necessary to share everything you write with others.

What have you learned about teaching writing because you are a writer yourself? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge.

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