An exercise to focus on happiness

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Thirty things that are making me happy right now. Written in no particular order of importance.

(1) FaceTiming with my oldest daughter so I could see and talk to my granddaughters, even if for a short while.

(2) Coming home and being greeted by my dog, Osa, who wags her tail and shakes her body in excitement.

(3) Having time to reflect about the past week in my journal.

(4) Login into the #TimetoWrite writing group sessions every week.

(5) Reading a really, really good book and looking forward to the next one.

(6) Watching The Morning Show with my husband.

(7) Having time to review student work in math and leaving a comment on their papers.

(8) Eating raspberries!

(9) An unexpected visit by my youngest daughter and her husband.

(10) Taking the time to read over resources, lessons and documents that I am responsible for or want to use in my teaching.

(11) Going to breakfast at a favourite local restaurant.

(12) Clear, blue skies and a bright sunny day.

(13) Finally getting snow tires for our car.

(14) Getting the coffee just right this morning; it has been a while.

(15) My new electric pencil sharpener. (No judging. LOL!)

(16) Stopping at a suspenseful part during the class read aloud and having them beg for me to keep reading; I don’t of course!

(17) Writing and reading again after a long, dry spell.

(18) Making plans for our family Christmas gathering.

(19) Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.

(20) Keeping up with my daily self-care routines.

(21) Staying out of Twitter wars.

(22) Discovering that if I set my tweets to only people who I follow can respond I get more and better interactions on social media.

(23) Keeping up with my Goodreads reading challenge (still behind, but slowly catching up).

(24) Recognizing that practicing emotional intelligence can have a positive impact on my life.

(25) Reclaiming my teacher identity without drowning in the minutiae of all the things.

(26) Being fully vaccinated and focusing on my physical and mental health.

(27) Drinking more water.

(28) Remembering to suspend judgement long enough to listen to others in order to understand. This is true whether it refers to family members, students or colleagues.

(29) Remembering to not be hard on myself, but to be kind instead. Always hard to do, but so necessary for mental wellbeing!

(30) Making time to reflect about my teaching so that I can plan with the strengths and best interests of my students in mind.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

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