Recently I sat down to write one 6-word memoir about change, which resulted in many 6-word memoirs. (Thanks to @JenLaffin for this #TeachWriteTober writing spark.) What follows is my writing trajectory for this writing challenge, which read like this: Write a 6-word memoir about change. The noun or the verb.

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Full disclosure: Change and I have a very complicated relationship.

If you could take a peak at my notebook, you may notice that some of the 6-word memoirs about change that I attempted were more than 6 words long and others were less than 6 words. I left some 6-word memoirs dangling in the hopes that I could come up with something pithy and clever later. Most of the ones shared below reflect my difficulties coming to terms with change; those reveal my true feelings about change.

Change is not for the weak.

It takes courage to confront change.

Change is constant and always there.

I change my thinking through reflection.

My thinking changes when I reflect.

I change my actions every day.

Change and me – we are complicated.

Change and me: an unlikely couple.

Embrace change because it’s coming…NOW!

My relationship with change is evolving.

I don’t like change – that’s it.

Change and I don’t get along.

I don’t do well with change.

Be ready to change unproductive habits.

What is change, but life itself.

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8 thoughts on “Change

  1. I love this! I may try this in my classroom with my students. We created 6 word memoirs at the beginning of the year, but I love how you focused in on one word and wrote multiple memoirs with this word. Also… this one stuck out to me, “Change and me – we are complicated.”

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  2. While I recognize some of myself in your relationship with change, what I most appreciate here is all the ways that you wrote about it. I love six word memoirs, but I don’t think I’ve ever written many about one topic. I notice how when you did that, you really got deep into the idea – I could really feel the reflection. Hmmm… I may have to try this. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Thanks for your observation, Amanda. I’ve never done many 6-word memoirs about the same topic before either, but it definitely confirmed my uncomfortable relationship with change. LOL! I hope you share your attempts if you try many 6-word memoirs around one topic or idea.


    • Isn’t that interesting! I’ve moved around a lot too, but not always by choice. Circumstances, more than anything have dictated those changes. Yet, every single time I moved, I have later appreciated what I gained (and lost) as a result.


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