Like Always

We decorated cookies to launch the holiday season, a first for our family of five that has now grown to nine with sons-in-law and granddaughters.

We enjoyed a badly needed spa date, a gift from our children; they know how to give memorable presents.

So we could get ready for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, like always, though now a bit earlier with small children in the mix.

And watch Pia open her presents Christmas morning, like always, followed later that day by Christmas Day dinner and a book exchange for the kids.

We created memories this year, like always.

And started new ones.

We took Pia to her first big girl mani-pedi followed a couple of days later with a trip to Claire’s for ear piercing.

A trip to the Children’s Museum with a side trip for me and my girls to try on wedding dresses; my youngest is finally going to celebrate her wedding this summer.

And, in the next few days comes the hardest part, like always: saying goodbye until the next time we can see each other.

Everyone will go back to their lives, like always. For me, it’s back to report card writing – my least favourite part of teaching.

And as the New Year approaches, I’ll be thinking of my #OLW22. No clue yet as to what it will be. But for right now, I can only think of how sad I will be tomorrow morning, like always, when my oldest daughter and her family leave for the airport. This will be replayed four days later when we make our way home.

Like always.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Like Always

  1. Time marches on. Plans change, kids grow up, but the rhythm of life, the smiles, the memories, and the sadness of good-byes, we’ve all felt them which is why this slice is so relatable!

    Thank you for sharing with us today. 🙂

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