Day 30 – SOL March Challenge – Today

I don’t know what to write about today.

And, that’s OK.

I do know what I will write about tomorrow, though.

That’s a win, right?

I am proud of myself for writing a blog post every day this month, so far. I consider that a major accomplishment.

On April 1st, I will be switching to writing poetry for the entire month.

I’m hoping I will stay focused every day in April in the way I’ve been able to do in March.

I like writing poetry and trying new forms. And, I plan to write with my students as well.

I have really enjoyed this month’s journey, so far. Tomorrow’s SOL will celebrate that and 30 other things, too.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Day 30 – SOL March Challenge – Today

  1. It’s a relief to already have an idea for what to write about the next day. Count that as a win!
    Are you participating in a poetry challenge or is this a goal you set up for yourself? Sounds exciting.


  2. TammyB says:

    I am having trouble with today’s post as well, even though I have had little resistance all month! I , too, will be writing poetry for April! I will be glad to continue to read your blog every day then.

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