Day 31 – SOL March Slice of Life Story Challenge – 31 Good Things

Thank you to those slicers who have shared their good things this month. I found your posts inspiring, so I am sharing my own list as a way to celebrate and end the March SOL Challenge.

1. Books – lots of them.

2. Spotting my husband in a crowd and feeling blessed.

3. Watching movies with my son.

4. Talking to my granddaughters on FaceTime to end the day.

5. Checking in with my daughters and feeling proud of the young women they are becoming.

6. The wonderful and loving families that my daughters married into. I couldn’t be happier for them.

7. The specter of the Rocky Mountains from my bedroom window on a winter day.

8. The beach on a sunny morning when the day still feels new and promising.

9. The friends I’ve made online before that became a “thing”. To those I later got to meet in person and to those I’ve never met, I am grateful to have expanded the circle of people I call friends.

10. Hot, strong coffee first thing in the morning.

11. A delicious meal shared with family and friends.

12. Traveling again.

13. My passion for teaching.

14. My students, both past and present.

15. Public libraries and bookstores.

16. Music that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs even if you can’t carry a tune.

17. Quality health care.

18. Compassionate doctors and nurses.

19. The ongoing journey to reclaim my physical and mental well-being.

20. Osa, our lovable, smart and cuddly German Shepard mixed dog.

21. Finding words to communicate my ideas so they reach into the hearts and minds of readers.

22. Movies.

23. The joy of playing Clue with family.

24. Family vacations to near and far away places.

25. A clean house.

26. A home cooked meal.

27. Ice cream and carrot cake.

28. A hot shower.

29. A glass of Perrier or Pellegrino or just club soda to quench my thirst.

30. A month-long writing challenge.

31. Love.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

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