A Writing Moratorium – a choice

It has been months since I sat down to write anything of significance. Other than the occasional email, to-do lists, lesson planning and weekly updates to families , I’ve consciously not been writing.


Until I stopped writing, I had been trying to live what I thought was the correct version of a writerly life. I was ticking off all the boxes that everyone around me was saying I needed to do to call myself a writer. Now I realize that I was playing at being a writer without feeling like a writer. The truth is that I’ve been feeling like a fake. Making a conscious decision not to write was my response to feeling inauthentic as a writer. As I religiously followed my own carefully planned writing routines, they began to feel ordinary and forced. Someone else’s idea of what it means to be a writer.

I needed a break. So, as another Tuesday rolled around – my day to blog – I’d give it a passing nod and substituted it with reading, resting or sleeping. Clearly, it was a time to shutter my blog, put down my pen and let other things take up space until I found my inspiration again. Because I knew I would find myself in my writing again.

I write today, not because I feel inspired to get my thoughts out to the world, although there’s that, but because I needed an outlet. It was time to let my words flow. It was time to figure out what practices define my writing life. It was time to understand myself as a writer by living my version of a writerly life.

I don’t know if I’ve fully explored the reasons for this self-imposed writing moratorium in this post. There might be more to uncover still, but the realization that this was a choice rather than the usual reasons – lack of time, lack of ideas – and that I need to be more authentic for myself is a big aha moment for me.

I am not here to live the life of other writers. I am here to ruminate and discover myself so I can be a better person through writing. Writing allows me to see what previously lay hidden until words made them come alive.

And, that is why I write.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge.

2 thoughts on “A Writing Moratorium – a choice

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    Can I just say…this REALLY resonated with me. There are times where I feel like the creative side of me – or shall I say, the writing side of me, just feels like it’s laying dormant. Not much going on. Not much, especially, for my own craft or well-being. Maybe for other people, or other purposes. But I’m not writing for ME. Honestly, I think I may be in one of those phases now, which might be why your post resonates so deeply.

    And your last paragraph, about writing for yourself, and living for your own purpose rather than someone else’s? BEAUTIFUL. Frame that puppy and put it on your mirror! ❤


  2. There is so much to think about here. I think that this is a post that I need to keep in my notebook to remind me to stay true to myself as a writer. Thank you for sharing this because I’m going to be thinking about your post for a long time!


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