I feel a poem coming on…

I am trying to stick to all of my New Year resolutions.
It hasn’t been easy.

I read every day.
For school.
For work.
For fun.

I write every day.
Something important
And, sometimes, not so important.

I try to remember to stay in the moment.

I have finished two books.
98 to go.

I am not eating as healthy as I would like.

I have yet to start an exercise program.
At least, I have the schedule written down.
Now, I just have to start going.

Now, I am sitting in writing club.
The four girls in my class
are writing away.
Well, at least three of them are.
One is arranging her crayons in some kind of order.
She distracts herself and those around her.
Which is about everybody else since there are only
four girls in the class.

I try to ignore it.
10 minutes to go before the end of silent writing time.

I’m doing pretty well, I think.
Until one little girl approaches me
ready to ask me a question, I guess –
at least she’s whispering –
“Can I use my notebook to make a chapter book?”
“Of course”, I say.
She was the same one who whooped a cry of joy when
I announced silent writing time.
“Yeah,” she said.
“I love silent writing time.”

They’re giggling now.

So much for silent writing time.

5 minutes to go.

At least I wrote something today.
Ready to post.

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4 thoughts on “I feel a poem coming on…

  1. All of your personal victories are lovely. But how sweet the professional one with the little girl in the writing club is.

    I'll be blogging about our goals for the year and resetting priorities this Friday on TWT. Be sure to check it out.

    That being said, you're doing great Elisa.


  2. Wonderful! Just think, at least your girls did not ask to go to the bathroom! Or get a kleenex–and then have to use the sanitizer before even attempting to get back to writing.
    Happy writing to you !


  3. Thanks, Stacey!
    Yes, I loved the moment with the little girl.
    Afterwards, I went around conferring with each one of them about their writing; they all added more text to their stories. It made me realize the important role that talk has in writing, so next time we might just flip the silent writing time to the end of the workshop, right before we share.


  4. LOL, Jaana.
    That happens sometimes, too.
    That's why it's important to get those things out of the way before starting to write, especially before starting a silent writing time. Spacing kids around the room, away from each other, will also help get everybody on track with their writing.

    I will try out these changes when we get back to school after our two-week break next week.


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