Writing Every Day

For me, the New Year has always been about making resolutions and setting goals for what I want to change in my life. I usually wait until January 1st to start my new regime of exercise or a new diet or an attempt at a new outlook on life, but invariably I fail. I fail because the goals are too big or overwhelming, and I’m too hard on myself if I don’t follow through. I start out OK but before too long, I flounder. And, when I flounder, I get down on myself. And, when I get down on myself, I go back to my old routines and even older habits.

This year, I decided not to wait until January 1st to start working on a new writing habit. I am going to write every day rather than procrastinating because I think I have nothing important to say. Or maybe, the habit I am trying to break is that of procrastinating, or maybe it’s about self-confidence. I often think I can’t do something, not because I’ve tried and failed, but because I didn’t even make an attempt. So, of course I fail. I am going to change that this year. By starting my New Year’s resolution earlier I’ve taken away the burden of potential failure that I’ve traditionally associated with New Year’s resolutions. And, as I write my way to meaning today, it seems that confidence will be my One Little Word (OLW) for 2015.

So, my New Year’s pledge is to write every day but my guiding word will be confidence.

I just love how writing helps clarify so much for me…as long as I write every day…for me.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Writing Every Day

  1. Good for you, Elisa! I resolve to write more steadily this year too, even in the midst of the craziness that my life has become and the new chapters that are opening for me. I love “confidence” for your OLW — how encouraging! I’m still thinking about mine! 🙂


  2. We have some things in common…you will see if you go to my page on wordpress! Also, I’ve had the same experience (many times) with New Year resolutions. I’ve been writing with Slice if Life since 2012, but I have missed quite a few Tuesdays this year. Hope to change that in 2015. And, I, too have lived in South America (Lima, Peru 1998-2000).


    • Ditto for me about Slice of Life. The exchanges that happen as a result of SOL are so encouraging and nurturing. It’s the shot I need to get through the rest of the week. BTW, what were you doing in Lima? Such a small world, isn’t it?


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