#SOL2018 March Challenge Day #3

This has been a tough winter.

Looking for a house.

Settling in to a new city, new country, new schools.

Apparently, this has been a harsh winter in Calgary. But, honestly, it hasn’t felt that bad. Have we adapted so well this time around? Maybe I was expecting worse? Either way, it’s March 3rd and in the last two days we were hit with about 30 centimeters of snow. Yeah and wow!

At the end of this month we move out of our rental and into our new house. The transition that started this summer will be complete. Once our shipment arrives, we can start to feel like we’re at home, with our things. Everything will be familiar once again.

It has been a tough winter. And, although it’s not over yet, it hasn’t been too bad.

Happy slicing!

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring this March Slice of Life Challenge.

One thought on “#SOL2018 March Challenge Day #3

  1. Winter is always difficult for me too. I hope everything goes well as you continue your transition and settle in! When I moved a few months ago, starting to gather the familiar things around me again made a big difference. Hang in there!

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