Winter Blues – #SOL March Challenge

I’ve been under the weather for the last three weeks or so.

I’ve had a bad cold, which hasn’t helped. But I think I’ve had the winter blues.

The endless snow. The cloudy days. That feeling that it’s only February and it’s a long tunnel ahead. Just feeling down about several projects that seemed to be going nowhere.

Now that I’m feeling better physically, my outlook has changed. Or is it the other way around? Has my outlook changed and so I’m feeling better physically? Perhaps. Maybe both at once?

It doesn’t take much to feel worn down and it takes even less to get back on the right track. One loving look. One hour at the gym. A reminder of why I’m doing this at all.

It’s March. And, while the snow hasn’t melted away, the days are getting longer. Spring Break looms ahead.

I can do this.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life March Challenge! 



7 thoughts on “Winter Blues – #SOL March Challenge

  1. Terje says:

    The winter often seems to last too long. For me too it is the lighter days that give hope. Add a bit sunshine and bird song and it doesn’t feel so cold any more. I am glad you are feeling healthier.


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