Odd Day

Today was an odd day.
I woke up with a sinus headache that seemed to diminish as my spirits improved;
however, these were short-lived.
I lost some important documents that, while replaceable,
will be one more thing on my to do list that I’d rather not have.

Most of my students had tests today and so I didn’t push in.
I mostly worked with my emergent ESL students and even that was cut short by a too long Monday Morning Meeting.

I was glad when I got home so that I could search for these illusive documents that don’t want to be found.

I’m going to let it go for a day or two and, if I don’t find them, then I’ll have to replace them.
Maybe then I’ll find them.

Tomorrow has to be a better day.

Cross posted to the March Slice of Life Challenge, Day #31.

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