It’s Almost April

Slicing every day in March!!

It’s almost April.
After that, the year will rush by
in a whir.
Summer days get closer and closer.
Keeping students’ attention
on learning
will be hard.

Progress reports due in five days.
Didn’t we just do these?
Two stars and a wish.
Compliments and areas for growth.
Dear Student…

Two days away from the final day of the #SOL17 March Challenge.
I enjoyed slicing this year.
Not like in other years.
Late night slicer.
Never felt pressured.
2 hours and 25 minutes till posting closes for today.

Three days shy of April Fool’s Day.
A Saturday.
I’m glad.
Accreditation visit on Monday.
5 days away.

Twelve days until Spring Break.
Late this year.
My birthday comes at the tail end of our break.

Seventeen days until my birthday.
An important decision needs to be made.

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