Day 14 – SOL March Challenge – Table Groups!

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Today was the first day of table groups. Until now my students have been sitting in rows.

They helped move their desks while I supervised. Then we made a couple of changes.

There’s room to walk around now!

And, I can have class meetings, read aloud and mini lessons at the front of the room.

No more read aloud while sitting at their desks!

No more straightening out rows of desks in a crowded room. An almost impossible task.

No more working alone at a desk.

Some table groups have discussed what name to give themselves.

They’ve reintroduced themselves to each other at their tables and shared something about themselves in Spanish.

I spoke first:

Mi nombre es Sra. Waingort. Yo tengo tres hijos. Mis dos hijas viven en Estados Unidos. Mi hijo está en grado 11. Tengo una perra pastor alemán mixta que se llama Osa. Yo vivo con mi esposo y mi hijo.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Day 14 – SOL March Challenge – Table Groups!

  1. rmbtowner says:

    Thanks for sharing! It is so nice to have more room. This help with accountable talk, group work and increasing student discourse. If students are learning a new language they need to talk MORE! There is not enough student talk in our schools. This is great start! Keep it going.

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I moved mine a few weeks ago, and it’s wonderful. My favorite part about this slice is that I could read and understand your Spanish! It has been years but I got it all but the mix of dog!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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